Get Unhooked from your SmartPhone

Are you addicted to your phone? Can you not live without your phone? Are you feeling that you are under arrest for not using your phone? Then here’s a solution to all your problems – unhookme app. Let us have a look at some statistical review on phone addition: 84% of the phone users in the world have a smart phone, among them 50% are teenagers & youngsters and they treat their phone like a teddy bear and
sleep with it.

Track & Monitor

This keeps a track record of your phone usage activities and the apps used during that time and gives a score on the status of your phone addiction and the score based on it.

Silent Notifications

Vibrations are given even when you keep your phone on silent mode and keeps you notified about the apps used on the phone from our user friendly expert Laila

Automatic management tool

It does the complete clockwork of your phone by disabling the unnecessary processes which are consuming your chances of deaddiction of smartphones

Usage statistics

Keeps a track record of the apps used and the contact from which the user has frequently called. It displays the list of apps and the app which is topmost is the app frequently used and the same for the contacts called.